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About the Books and Author

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The Author

Arabella Rosier is a 25-year-old author of the Silver Valley Trilogy. Books have always been a part of her heart, the world of stories a part of her soul. When she was 14 years old, she read her first big fantasy novel and dream of writing her own. And now, 10 years later, Silver Valley has come to life. Hopefully it enraptures and ignites your passion as much as it has hers.

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Silver Valley

Alien. What does it mean to be an alien? A fantasy? The unknown? The hidden?

Savannah Shaw never knew how intertwined her life is with that one simple word.

Relocating to the secluded village, Silver Valley—situated between looming mountains and endless forest on a small island—Savannah begins to realise just how alien her life is.

In Silver Valley, the villagers don’t go into the forest.

Yet a stranger begins to follow her from the trees, never leaving her shadow, making her question the world around her.

So in search for answers, Savannah Shaw follows him deeper and deeper into the forest…

It may just be the the worst decision she has ever made.

And now the fate of everything hangs in the balance of Savannah Shaw.


Silver Kingdom

It has taken Savannah Shaw 17 years to reach the kingdom in the stars. But does Umbra want her there?


Silver Valley is gone, and from its ashes, a rebellion stirs. 


Savannah Shaw is nothing but a product of people’s dreams, a hope to spark the flame. But her desire to win Umbra is the key to everything. The kingdom is all you could ever want, a world sprawling with beauty and life. In order to obtain her, Savannah must navigate death and sacrifice, love and betrayal, to win Umbra’s hand.


Back home, Melanie Beckett tames the waters. Without an army, the Silver Kingdom is lost. Allies come to their aid, new love rekindles, and old hope dies.


What do you have to lose, in order to win? 

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